Project Supporters


Community Support includes: St. Joseph's Healthcare Tim Horton's, St. Joseph's Healthcare Gift Shop, Greensville Library Knitting Club and donation of various items from St. Joseph's Healthcare Staff and their families.

Financial contributions in support of the 3 Wishes Program can be facilitated by the St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation at: St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation 3 Wishes Project (


Funding for the 3 Wishes pilot work: Personal donations of 4 physicians, the Canadian Tire Foundation (Hamilton Branch), the Canadian Intensive Care Foundation (Hamilton Chapter), St. Joseph's Healthcare Volunteer Resources, The Hamilton Academy of Health Sciences Organization, Covenant Health (Alberta Health Services).


Multicenter Support



Support to fund the Multicenter 3 Wishes Program in 4 institutions



Support through a Foundation grant for the ICCCare Program (Improving Compassion in Critical Care Program), of which 3 Wishes is a part.