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The 3 Wishes Team

Dr. Deborah Cook - Critical Care Physician3 wishes team

Marilyn Swinton - Research Coordinator

France Clarke - Research Coordinator

Nicole Zytaruk - Registered Nurse

Feli Toledo - Spiritual Care Counsellor 3 Wishes Team

Dr. Anne Boyle - Palliative Care Physician

Dr. Anne Woods - Palliative Care Physician

Trudy Rose - Spiritual Care Counsellor

Tracey Hand-Breckenridge - Spiritual Care Counsellor

Lois Saunders - Research Coordinator

Alyson Takaoka - Research Coordinator

Melissa Shears - Medical Student

Neala Hoad - Registered Nurse

Tammy  French - Registered Nurse

Diane Heels-Ansdell - Biostatistician

Dr. John Centofanti - Critical Care Physician

Dr. Joanna Dionne - Gastroenterology Physician

Dr. Ahmed Barefah - Hematology Physician

Dr. Robert Sheppard - Emergency Care Physician


Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board Project Number # 1562


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SJH logoWe are grateful for the compassion of clinicians in the St. Joseph’s Healthcare ICU.